Everywhere You Look There’s Discontent
Everywhere You Look There’s Discontent by Rory Pickering

There are signs of dissatisfaction and unease wherever you look these days, all over the world and in every part of life. Every nation on the planet is experiencing some form of civil unrest, ranging from peaceful organised protests to total state collapse with everything in between. And even more pervasive is the discontent that is seeping into the fabric of every society across the globe and even infiltrating everyone’s individual psyches. Nobody is happy with the state of the world any more. There’s growing inequality and division, plus the spectre of ecological and climate disaster is now looming large…

Balance, Respect, Cooperation, Hope by Rory Pickering

I’ve been on a bit of a musical and philosophical journey over the last twelve months.

It’s now getting on for a year since I released my debut single, Wake Up The World. This piece sparked off an exploration of how I see the current state of the world, particularly from a social and environmental point of view. Along the way, I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one going through this process. There’s a wider movement of change that’s encouraging people to look at the world we live in with fresh eyes. I explored this shift in the zeitgeist…

Still from Wake Up The World by Faron Sage

It feels like we’re sleepwalking towards social and environmental collapse, and that the only way to avert this apocalyptic future is some kind of shift in our collective consciousness — away from the old paradigms towards a new mindset.

In some ways, we’re more connected than we’ve ever been, and that can give us some hope that this mass shift could actually take place. And yet, engaging through social media seems diametrically opposed to developing an empathic collective connection. …

Inner State by Rory Pickering

Do you feel anxious? Unsettled? Frustrated? Stressed? Scared of the future? It seems like these have become core elements of modern life in most developed societies. It’s just accepted that life is stressful or frustrating and any mental health issues that we might be struggling with need to be suppressed or medicated so we can get on with our pursuit of a perceived ‘perfect life.’ There’s rarely any encouragement to think for ourselves and find an alternative way of thinking and living that might address the underlying causes of mental, emotional, or spiritual discomfort. …

What Can I Do About The State Of The World by Rory Pickering

It’s so easy to feel powerless in today’s world. We’re all such small elements in the vastly complex systems that interact to make life what it is on this incredible planet. And now, in our modern interconnected age, everyone is clamouring to be heard; everybody has a voice but there’s so much noise and it’s hard to know what to think or believe.

Yet, on the face of it, we’re living with greater freedoms, privileges and opportunities than at any point in human history. Most of us are living longer, more comfortable lives than our ancestors and Yuval Noah Harari

What Can I Do About The State Of The World by Rory Pickering

I am currently working on an article exploring practical things that we can actually do that will make a positive difference to the state of the world. It’s so easy to feel powerless with everything that’s going on but more and more people seem to be waking up to the idea that we don’t need to live our lives in the way we do and that things could be better for us and the other living beings on this planet if we do things differently. …

When I released my debut single, Wake Up The World, in June 2020, I was on a bit of a mission to get my message heard and to try and influence people’s thinking at this extraordinary time in human history. It felt like too many people were ignoring the major warning signs of our time, such as climate change, COVID-19, and social unrest, and would rather sleepwalk into disaster than make the necessary changes to their lives that would ensure future prosperity for humans, the planet and its other inhabitants.

What I have realised in the months that have followed…

Image by Inkubus from the video to Wake Up The World

We are living in uncertain times. It feels like the world as we know it is creaking, no longer able to support the modern lifestyles of homo sapiens. The result is an alarming array of crises and challenges, ranging from social unrest and the threat of systemic collapse to increasingly frequent extreme weather events, a global pandemic and the ultimate existential threat of climate change and mass extinction.

For musicians and music-lovers, it’s a particularly challenging time. We’re all trying to come to terms with the ever-changing rules that are standing in the way of artists and audiences connecting with…

This is an exciting week for me on an artistic front as I’ve just released an extended version of my debut single, Wake Up The World. This version is actually how the piece was originally conceived and created before it was cut down to a more concise edit for various reasons, including the production of the song’s animated music video.

One of the reinstated sections in the extended version of Wake Up The World begins with the lines “we need to fight greed, we need to fight fear, we need to fight anything that causes division.” For me, taming this…

I’ve just finished reading The Good Ancestor by Roman Krznaric which examines long-term thinking and its importance for the future of human beings and the planet that we all inhabit.

It’s an inspirational and wonderfully positive book and personally it’s got me thinking about how and why many people are now engaging with longer-term issues — particularly climate change. Equally, it throws up the question of why so many people are so apathetic about issues that will have enormous effects on future generations.

There are certainly some that feel the spectre of climate change and the potential for ecological and…

Faron Sage

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